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Dress Code

Dress Code Hadley Wood Golf Club 2023

We encourage and promote change.  In keeping with these changes our Dress Code has been relaxed on, and off, the course to accommodate modern acceptable golfing attire.

Our Dress Code is intended to help enable everyone to enjoy a tranquil and convivial atmosphere.
The Dress Code is based on the simple tenet that we expect golfers to wear ‘appropriate golf clothing’ on the course, and clean clothing in the Clubhouse.
All members and visitors are required to maintain a standard of dress in keeping with the character and standing of the Club.  Hadley Wood Golf Club is not a formal club, but we endeavor to adopt the standards that generally apply at many similar traditional golf clubs.

Specifically not acceptable:
  • Football or other sports shirts including t-shirts, Vest style, shirts or t-shirts without collars, Cargo trousers (or shorts), Track suits, Tennis or beach shorts, Ski-pants, Athletic type shorts, Cycling shorts, Beach wear, Beach style ‘flip flops’
  •  Jeans on the golf course a not permitted 
  •  Wet and/or dirty clothing in the bars and dining areas
  •  Frayed, stained, and/or ripped clothing
  •  Any apparel that could be deemed “general sporting wear”, and not readily recognisable as golfing wear

Appropriate Clothing Guidelines
  • All clothing and footwear should be, clean - not frayed or with holes, jeans, and trainers are acceptable.
  • Men choosing to wear shorts please note that only knee-length tailored shorts are acceptable.
  • In the clubhouse and on the terrace, deck shoes and similar can be worn without socks.
  • Members and their guests are expected to change out of wet and/or unclean golfing attire prior to using the Main Bar, Russell Room or Dining Room.
  • Golf-related baseball-style hats may be worn on the course provided they are worn with the peak facing forwards, please. No hats are to be worn inside the Club dining and drinking areas.

Variations of the dress code

On occasions, these dress regulations may be relaxed by order of the Captain, General Manager, or a member of the Board of Management.

Monitoring and encouraging adherence to the Dress Code

We are a members’ club and, as such, expect members to respect their club dress code and self-police.

Members are encouraged to bring guests and are expected to ensure their guests are aware of the Dress Code prior to their visit.

The General Manager, The Club Golf Professionals, and the Employees of the Club have the responsibility for ensuring adherence to our Dress Code by members, visiting societies, and casual green fees. They are authorised to prohibit the use of the facilities if they deem the breaches of our Dress Code warrant such action.

What to do if you feel the dress code is not being followed?

At an appropriate time after the completion of a round, please discreetly bring any perceived non-compliance to the attention of the non-compliant member. Report any regular consistent breaches to the General Manager.


The Clubhouse has every facility required for changing into and from golfing apparel so that changing in the car park is unnecessary.

When dining in the main restaurant a shirt, jacket and tie is expected unless players are continuing golf where only a change of shoes is required.

Mobile Phones

Mobile telephones and other handheld devices may be used in the locker rooms and in the car park without restriction. In all other areas, including the Russell Room, the Main Bar, the Dining Room, the terrace, and the course, mobile phones (if switched on) must be set to silent or vibrate. 

Local Rules 

These are posted on the noticeboard of the Main Hall. Members will be made aware of any updates via email and on the members' side of the website. 


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