Hadley Wood Golf Club

Ladies Academy 


The Hadley Wood Ladies Academy programme provides a pathway for complete beginners to become full members of the golf club over a period of 2 years or less. This is achieved through a combination of individual lessons, group sessions and on-course playing opportunities supervised by our golf professionals and supported by the Hadley Wood Ladies section.

Academy members are also encouraged to join in the many social activities organised throughout the year. It’s a great way to meet more people and create new friendships.

2024 Programme outline:

May 2024 - Group taster sessions 

June/July 2024 - Weekly group lessons (*6) £80 (or £15 each)

July 24 – March 2025 - Academy member £1,200 (9 months)

April 2025 – March 26 - Supported member £1,935

April 2026 - Full member (5 or 7 day)

Note: these are current prices which will be subject to inflation increase on 1st January each year.

The group taster sessions and weekly group lessons are designed to introduce you to the game of golf and to Hadley Wood Golf Club. We aim to make this an enjoyable experience and encourage you to work towards full membership of the golf club.

Following the weekly group lessons you will be invited to take up Academy membership.

Academy Membership

July 2024 – March 2025

Designed to give you a grounding and confidence in the basics of the game (including

Driving, Pitching, Chipping & Putting) and an introduction to the etiquette and rules of golf. This takes place through a series of group and individual lessons with our golf professionals, both on the practice range and on the golf course.

The programme consists of:

  • Two individual lessons each month
  • Regular group lessons
  • On course fun events, based around Women on Par (organised by our golf
  • professionals)
  • Access to the Ladies Academy WhatsApp group, to help you develop friendships and share coaching sessions
  • Full use of clubhouse and practice facilities
  • Club bar card at member’s rate

As you progress our golf professionals will take you onto the golf course during your lessons.

Players must use the Academy Gold, Silver or Bronze tees as indicated by our golf professionals.

Once you progress to the Gold tees you can work towards achieving an official handicap.

You will then be allowed off peak use of the course on Sunday through to Thursday after 2pm. Play in 2 or 3 balls only.

Please note, Fridays and Saturdays are very busy days so you are not allowed on the course on those days.

Supported Membership

April 2025 – March 2026

You should now have an official handicap playing from the Gold tees and be ready to progress to the Purple tees which are used for most of the ladies competitions.

As a supported member you will be assigned a mentor from the ladies section. Both our golf professionals and your mentor will help you progress to becoming a full member of the golf club and to play in the ladies’ competitions.

The programme consists of:

  • One individual lesson each month
  • Regular group lessons
  • On course fun events, based around Women on Par (organised by our golf professionals)
  • Access to the golf course on Sunday through to Thursday after 12pm and on Friday and Saturday after 2pm. Play in 2 or 3 balls only. Players must continue to use the Gold tees until they achieve a handicap from the Purple tees.
  • Access to the Ladies Supported WhatsApp group, with more information regarding competitions and events that you can participate in.
  • Full use of clubhouse and practice facilities
  • Club bar card at member’s rate
  • Invite a guest with fully developed WHS handicap index to play the course at the member’s guest rate.

Your mentor will:

  • Invite you to play, either from the Gold or Purple tees.
  • Mark a card from the Purple tees for handicap purposes (you need at least 3 cards marked by a full member)
  • When you are ready (ie have an appropriate handicap) she will invite you to play in some of the ladies competitions
  • Introduce you to some of the basic rules of golf
  • Introduce you to other members
  • Answer any questions you may have about Hadley Wood Golf Club

Supported ladies with a handicap from the Purple tees may enter the regular 9 hole competitions which are held on most Tuesdays. These take place after the main ladies competition.

You may also enter some of the main Tuesday competitions, but must play towards the end of the field. Ideally you will be invited to play by one of the full lady members. You will be notified of eligible competitions via the WhatsApp group or your mentor.

Note: for the majority of competitions you will not be permitted to win the main prize although occasionally there are separate prizes for the supported members.

Stage 4 - Full Membership

April 2026

By April 2026 (or possibly sooner) you should have a full WHS handicap of 45 or less and be ready to become a full member of Hadley Wood Golf Club.

As a full member (7 or 5 day) you may enter all competitions subject to handicap/age restrictions.

In accordance with club rules, a minimum of 8 qualifying cards signed by full members must be achieved before entering any major trophy competition. At least 4 of these cards must have been in qualifying stableford or medal competitions.

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